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Monday, February 1, 2010

Greyhounds, kindness and Venus Fly Trap...

We own a Venus Fly Trap plant.  Nice plant, but ever in competition with Joe and Flynn, the avid fly hunters.  Much nose art resides on the glass french doors from their hunting expeditions.

Today while sitting working quietly in my studio I heard a noise that I could only assume was another episode of fly hunting.  Being used to the noise, I let it be, but it persisted for some time.

Upon investigation I witnessed what I can only describe as a brotherly act of kindness.  There was a slight breeze here today and the french doors had closed (not latched), leaving Joe caught outside.  Flynn was trying his hardest to figure out the concept of how to work those french doors to let his brother back inside.

How lucky I am to learn from greyhounds.

(Flynn & Joe)

undeniably scrawled by Cate

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