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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Opening Night!

At 7.15pm last night, Luuca and Grace proudly walked on to the set of Richard II for Opening Night.  The two hounds looked stunning under sensational lighting, standing amongst beautiful costumes and amazing actors.  Both of them did a supreme job as the Queen's beloved pets.  I over heard many comments on how well trained they were for their roles!

The Queen is beautifully played by Rachel Walsh, who upon first meeting told me that she wasn't really a "dog" person.  However, as time has gone by Luuca and Grace worked their magic with her - last night she actually admitted that she is a dog person now!  Rachel has been fabulous with Luuca and Grace and I am thrilled at how wonderful they all work together on stage.  Big SHOUT OUT to Rachel - you are doing a fabulous job!

Yesterday was an exhausting day for both Luuca and Grace, starting at 6am getting ready for a television appearance on TV1, then off to have hair and nails done with some last minute line practice.  It should not come as a surprise when I say that today they are both resting up.  (The proud Mom's are exhausted as well!)

If you have not booked your tickets to see the show, then please do so.  Door sales are also available.  This truly is a show you dont want to miss - I dont just say this because I'm one of the proud Mom's!!

The Queen and her beloved pets
(Luuca, Rachel Walsh and Grace)

undeniably scrawled by Cate