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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hidden talents...

Outside of the Simply Grey headquarters, Sonja and I live very busy lives.  Most of our work for the project often happens in the evening hours.  It has been witnessed by our families the talent we both share for being able to eat, laugh, sing, edit images, organise our homes and type in our "office" (online messenger program) to meet deadlines and come up with new inspiring ideas.  All at the same time.  (If I were truthful here, I would say that Sonja is way more talented at this than I am!)

But, here's another talent I wanted to share with you all.  I was with Sonja the day she got her camera.  Over the past year I have watched her wrestle with it, study with it and enjoy it.  The camera rarely leaves her side.  Recently she sent me two of the most brilliant images I have seen recently.  I have placed my order for prints to hang in my studio (hope she doesnt charge a fortune!).  All credit to Sonja, the wrestling matches have definitely paid off and the images stunning!

Then there is the fine art of leg guitar...but that's another story entirely...

Thrilling Kim by Sonja Bright

Sexy Babe by Sonja Bright

undeniably scrawled by Cate