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Monday, March 15, 2010

A Fond Farewell...and a Warm Welcome!

They would often pop around with a bag of lemons.  Or they would grace us with their presence at the Riccarton Market on a Sunday morning.  Achieved "Operation Red Sofa" for the Simply Grey exhibition in Christchurch.  Ever willing to lend a helping hand and on several occasions driving through the country to see that greyhounds made it to their new adoptive homes.  Avid greyhound supporters, they spent many hours volunteering their time for both Simply Grey and Greyhounds as Pets.  And we never ever saw them without smiles!

I refer to the Busson family, who in a few short weeks will be setting sail for Australia - their new home for a few years.  This past weekend a few of us grabbed Yolanda and Sonny and headed off to have cake, gifts, a walk, side splitting laughter, stories and of course latte's!  Unfortunately Rob and Liam could not be with us as they on their way to their new home - last I heard Rob was ironing the sheets, unpacking boxes and arranging the kitchen for Yolanda and Sonny's arrival.

For all that you have done, for all that you do and everything you are, we thank you very much and wish you the very very best in your new adventure.  We will miss you!


So, here's the exciting Warm Welcome part...Sonja and myself would like to announce that Yolanda is now jumping on board with the Simply Grey Project!  As the project is moving forward in leaps and bounds we decided it was time to bring in the big guns.  Yolanda will be joining our group of volunteers (Sonja and Cate) at the virtual office, to fill the role of Marketing Manager.  And yes, you guessed it - all the way from Australia!  We look forward to working with Yolanda and are very excited that she is joining our team.  Big welcome to you, Yolanda!!!

Yolanda was pretty happy with her gift!
"Blue for You" - a canvas of Sonny from
the Christchurch Exhibition

The Bio Photo
Simply Grey's Marketing Manager

undeniably scrawled by Cate