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Sunday, January 20, 2013

A boring blog!

Simply Grey office all set up, the studio firing, Cate's bed made...(sometimes) and the coffee pot on over drive...

On January 19th the Simply Grey Team started the first shoot for 2013 with an amazing line up of dogs (and of course owners!) visiting the studio.  The initial shoot will run for a week or so...

And really...that's all to tell!  Seriously!  It's everything greyhound, work and side splitting laughs here!

Do stay tuned for more exciting news...!!

The Simply Grey office (will it stay this tidy???)

Sneak Preview!  (first photo shoot of 2013)

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Sunday, December 30, 2012


So here's the latest...the quick and dirty version!

I was minding my own business, living peacefully with my family of four - Flynn (Crafty Flynn), Felicity (Know Desire), Moonie (Slender Chance) and Otis (Oh Otis) and a multitude of greyhound puppies, when i get a call from Sonja.

In true Sonja style, she dropped a bomb on me.

This is now 3 weeks later.  Myself and my family of four are packing madly to join Sonja and her family in the North Island.  Simply Grey now has a permanent home (sorry guys - undisclosed location at this stage!) to continue the project.  My lovely family and myself will be living AT the very home of Simply Grey!  There is a WILD and EXCITING time approaching for Simply Grey and all greyhounds spanning the country.

We promise not to keep you waiting too long, so watch this space for the next chapter of Hot Gossip!!

Sonja suggested a nice image for this post, but...

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Meet Leumeah Miss - Lucy

Leumeah Miss - Lucy

It started as a typical Tuesday in Christchurch...a kiss for Joe, Grace & Flynn and off to Addington for a day of racing. With 20 races ahead of me, I knew it would be a busy one - just the way I like it. Minutes before race 20, feeling exhausted, hungry and covered in mud, I agreed to help out a trainer and handle one of their dogs. She was small, but strong with a quiet confidence. I collected her from the race kennels and as I put her race cover on she gave me a smile which was infectious and something felt, well strange -I couldnt put my finger on it. So off we went - out to the track, into the boxes and away she went. A winner!!! What a great way to finish my day of racing.

It was some weeks later when her trainer asked me again to handle her as she "seemed to run well for me". Of course I agreed and a funny thing happened...we all realised that this little dog was in fact the "dog on the rails" in the Simply Grey image ‘Track to Sofa’! Meet Leumeah Miss (Lucy). I had goosebumps on my goosebumps. What are the chances of Lucy and I meeting on the track?

 Lucy (far right), the famous "dog on the rails" 
in the Simply Grey image "Track to Sofa"

I was thrilled when her trainer and owners agreed to put her on the GAP list and this past week Lucy officially retired from racing. I brought Lucy home to the "Know More Kennels" to meet Joe, Grace and Flynn and the fun began. Lucy learnt that the pots and pans cupboards are for climbing into, that licking that stuff called "soap" in the bathroom is NOT nice and the sole purpose of fences are for sideways trampolining. I stood back one afternoon and watched four dogs make the most amazing race track through my house, into the kitchen, through the shed and back into the house.

Last week I got a call from Sonja and Irene at GAP that there was a space available for Lucy and with a tear in my eye (yes, I could have quite happily kept this wonderful girl), Lucy set sail on the ferry to meet Fatima in Wellington. After a great breakfast and a comfy ride with Fatima, Lucy met Sonja and Irene at the GAP kennels.
On 29th April 2010, Lucy passed her temperament testing and is now available for adoption. She is happy as ever and running round the kennels and enjoying the start of her retirement.

I feel very honoured to have met Lucy and to have handled her in her last win of her career. Simply Grey wishes Lucy all the very best in her new home and thanks everyone who has been involved with her adventures (so far!).

Lucy also has a wonderful write up on the famous Greyhounds and Friends blog written by Fatima Advic.  You will be able to find this and many updates on Lucy and other greyhounds in their new homes - Greyhounds and Friends Blog  Thank you very much Fatima for your wonderful blog and also for being part of Lucy's adventures!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Opening Night!

At 7.15pm last night, Luuca and Grace proudly walked on to the set of Richard II for Opening Night.  The two hounds looked stunning under sensational lighting, standing amongst beautiful costumes and amazing actors.  Both of them did a supreme job as the Queen's beloved pets.  I over heard many comments on how well trained they were for their roles!

The Queen is beautifully played by Rachel Walsh, who upon first meeting told me that she wasn't really a "dog" person.  However, as time has gone by Luuca and Grace worked their magic with her - last night she actually admitted that she is a dog person now!  Rachel has been fabulous with Luuca and Grace and I am thrilled at how wonderful they all work together on stage.  Big SHOUT OUT to Rachel - you are doing a fabulous job!

Yesterday was an exhausting day for both Luuca and Grace, starting at 6am getting ready for a television appearance on TV1, then off to have hair and nails done with some last minute line practice.  It should not come as a surprise when I say that today they are both resting up.  (The proud Mom's are exhausted as well!)

If you have not booked your tickets to see the show, then please do so.  Door sales are also available.  This truly is a show you dont want to miss - I dont just say this because I'm one of the proud Mom's!!

The Queen and her beloved pets
(Luuca, Rachel Walsh and Grace)

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Monday, March 15, 2010

A Fond Farewell...and a Warm Welcome!

They would often pop around with a bag of lemons.  Or they would grace us with their presence at the Riccarton Market on a Sunday morning.  Achieved "Operation Red Sofa" for the Simply Grey exhibition in Christchurch.  Ever willing to lend a helping hand and on several occasions driving through the country to see that greyhounds made it to their new adoptive homes.  Avid greyhound supporters, they spent many hours volunteering their time for both Simply Grey and Greyhounds as Pets.  And we never ever saw them without smiles!

I refer to the Busson family, who in a few short weeks will be setting sail for Australia - their new home for a few years.  This past weekend a few of us grabbed Yolanda and Sonny and headed off to have cake, gifts, a walk, side splitting laughter, stories and of course latte's!  Unfortunately Rob and Liam could not be with us as they on their way to their new home - last I heard Rob was ironing the sheets, unpacking boxes and arranging the kitchen for Yolanda and Sonny's arrival.

For all that you have done, for all that you do and everything you are, we thank you very much and wish you the very very best in your new adventure.  We will miss you!


So, here's the exciting Warm Welcome part...Sonja and myself would like to announce that Yolanda is now jumping on board with the Simply Grey Project!  As the project is moving forward in leaps and bounds we decided it was time to bring in the big guns.  Yolanda will be joining our group of volunteers (Sonja and Cate) at the virtual office, to fill the role of Marketing Manager.  And yes, you guessed it - all the way from Australia!  We look forward to working with Yolanda and are very excited that she is joining our team.  Big welcome to you, Yolanda!!!

Yolanda was pretty happy with her gift!
"Blue for You" - a canvas of Sonny from
the Christchurch Exhibition

The Bio Photo
Simply Grey's Marketing Manager

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Friday, February 12, 2010

What do Greyhounds and Richard II have in common?

Two Simply Grey Models will be starring in a fabulous theatre production of Richard II!

Little did Sonja and I know that during the opening night of the Christchurch Exhibition in July of last year, Director David Sheard was perusing our canvas pieces.  It wasnt until later in the evening that he approached us about the production, informed us of his idea to include greyhounds and asked if we would consider being the official photography team.

Of course the answer was YES!

Plans are now underway and the stills photography will be starting in the coming week.  The two "soon to be famous greyhounds" are attending rehearsals, having hair and make up done and catching up on their lines.  They are very busy.

We encourage all that can make it, to come along to this fabulous night of entertainment - I have had the fortunate opportunity to sneak around "behind the scenes" (no pun intended) and I cannot speak more highly of this production.  A most stunning example of amazing talent.  David Sheard has kindly offered his generous support to Simply Grey and will be donating a portion of proceeds from ticket sales to our project so that we can continue raising the profile of greyhounds throughout New Zealand.  Thank you David!


March 24-30th, 2010
Great Hall
Arts Centre, Christchurch

Court Theatre Booking office
ph: 03 963 0870

   or online at

$25.00 Full price
$20.00 concessions/senior citizens
$15.00 Student
$13.00 for a group of 50 or more.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hidden talents...

Outside of the Simply Grey headquarters, Sonja and I live very busy lives.  Most of our work for the project often happens in the evening hours.  It has been witnessed by our families the talent we both share for being able to eat, laugh, sing, edit images, organise our homes and type in our "office" (online messenger program) to meet deadlines and come up with new inspiring ideas.  All at the same time.  (If I were truthful here, I would say that Sonja is way more talented at this than I am!)

But, here's another talent I wanted to share with you all.  I was with Sonja the day she got her camera.  Over the past year I have watched her wrestle with it, study with it and enjoy it.  The camera rarely leaves her side.  Recently she sent me two of the most brilliant images I have seen recently.  I have placed my order for prints to hang in my studio (hope she doesnt charge a fortune!).  All credit to Sonja, the wrestling matches have definitely paid off and the images stunning!

Then there is the fine art of leg guitar...but that's another story entirely...

Thrilling Kim by Sonja Bright

Sexy Babe by Sonja Bright

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