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Sunday, December 30, 2012


So here's the latest...the quick and dirty version!

I was minding my own business, living peacefully with my family of four - Flynn (Crafty Flynn), Felicity (Know Desire), Moonie (Slender Chance) and Otis (Oh Otis) and a multitude of greyhound puppies, when i get a call from Sonja.

In true Sonja style, she dropped a bomb on me.

This is now 3 weeks later.  Myself and my family of four are packing madly to join Sonja and her family in the North Island.  Simply Grey now has a permanent home (sorry guys - undisclosed location at this stage!) to continue the project.  My lovely family and myself will be living AT the very home of Simply Grey!  There is a WILD and EXCITING time approaching for Simply Grey and all greyhounds spanning the country.

We promise not to keep you waiting too long, so watch this space for the next chapter of Hot Gossip!!

Sonja suggested a nice image for this post, but...

undeniably scrawled by Cate

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